Low-Impact Retrofit

At Asheville Geothermal we have developed a special low-impact installation technique for horizontal loopfields. In a nutshell, we use special equipment to dig a trench about 7' deep by 6.5" wide and install vertical slinky geothermal loops. This technique for a horizontal geothermal loopfield is new, and no one before us has done it successfully. We at Asheville Geothermal have succeeded because we developed the special tools needed to both take the dirt out of the trench and put the dirt back in the trench with full compaction.

Low Impact Under A Driveway

Our low-impact trenches disappear when under a gravel driveway or if we dig and re-set your grass. Here is an example of low-impact trenches under a driveway:

Trench just dug

Looking down the 7' deep trench

All done!

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