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Special Low-Impact Retrofit Geothermal

Asheville Geothermal is Western North Carolina's geothermal expert. We design, install, and service all types of geothermal heating and cooling systems.

For our residential customers, Asheville Geothermal will show you how to save 40-70% on your heating and cooling bills. The specific savings you will have depends on your current system and the topology and size of your installation site.

For Professional Engineers and commercial clients, our companion Professional Engineering firm Geothermal Design Center can provide geothermal design, plan and spec review, project management, and project oversight. For more information on these services for commercial geothermal, please see our GeoAssured page. We also provide GeoAssured geothermal system design and project oversight for residential customers on a time available basis.

We work with all kinds of geothermal systems - residential, commercial, wells, slinky, pond, hybrid, isolated, and distributed. We specialize in low-impact geothermal installation. Where other geothermal installers would tear up your whole yard or wreck a commercial site, Asheville Geothermal will use special equipment and techniques to leave a site as we found it. Choosing the right geothermal installer is very important.

Low-Impact Retrofit Geothermal

At Asheville Geothermal, we have pioneered a new "low-impact" technique for installing a horizontal geothermal loopfield. Using special equipment and techniques, we can install an entire loopfield and leave only a set of stripes in your yard, and we can sod those lines as an option.

Click here to read more about our "special low-impact" geothermal installation technique.

Geothermal is a Solar Technology

Geothermal heating is a solar energy technology! Did you know that? Most people don't. For a full explanation of the connection between Solar energy and Geothermal heat pump energy, see our Geothermal & Solar page here.

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We pride ourselves on the extent of excellent information on our website about using geothermal for heating and cooling. Once you have studied our website and fully considered whether geothermal is an option for you, then give us a call and we'll work through a solution. Our phone is 828-712-6786.

Serving all of WNC including Asheville, Hendersonville, Black Mountain, Canton, Brevard, Maggie Valley, Waynesville, Burnsville, Marion, Old Fort, Mars Hill, and Marshall.

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