Geothermal System Savings

With Geothermal heating and cooling, you can expect to save anywhere between 40% and 70% of your annual heating and cooling expenses. You will actually increase your savings even further because the ongoing operating expenses with Geothermal heating and cooling are much lower than for oil, gas, or propane. This is especially true in WNC where fuel prices are higher than in many locations.

How is your energy bill cut in half?

49% net energy savings with geothermal! That is what geothermal HVAC is all about. But, where does this savings come from -- it comes from the sun. Remember, over 40% of the sun's energy hitting earth is absorbed by the ground. The geothermal system simply collects this solar energy stored in the outer crust of the earth to heat your home. That net savings of about 49% of your total energy use amounts to an annual cost savings of up to 70% if you currently use propane.

How Much Can I Save?

The following table helps show the cost savings you can expect:

Summary of Geothermal Heat Pump savings:

•   Cost savings between 40% and 70% of your current heating and cooling expenses
•   Save money in operating and maintenance costs
•   Investments recouped in only a few years — even faster with current tax credits
•   Positive cash flow — energy savings usually exceed the cost of financing the system
•   Some utilities offer rebates or incentives to their customers who purchase Geothermal Systems

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